Daewon Song is one of the best technical skate boarders in the world. Born in South Korea in 1975 he has pushed the boundaries of skateboarding to mind blowing levels.He began skating at the age of 13 and a short time later he was spotted by a small skate company called”Gemco” who quickly saw his talent and brought him back the the U.S.

He owns Almost skateboards and skates for DVS shoes on their pro team. A killer display of Daewons talent can be seen in the video “Rodney Mullen VS Daewon Song”where the 2 top pro’s showcase their extreme talent. Daewon made his way into video game immortality in Tony Hawks “American Wasteland” and has appeared in the skate games that followed.

His skating skills allows him to link several mind blowing tricks together leaving spectators floored in an almost super human display of skate talent. A local at Torrance skate park,he can be seen pulling off sick judo 360’s or any number of crazy tricks. When filming for the skate mags, Daewon says

he likes it to look like a piece of art,from getting a unique skate spot, lighting or trick this is something that motivates him to keep pushing thingsfrom just skate tricks to a total art form… in recent skate videos Daewon Song can be seen pulling off the sickest combos.

Sometimes getting as many as 4 different tricks in a single combo!

DVS pro Daewon Song is one of my favorite skaters of all time. From his early work in the World Industries “Love Child” video to his ground breaking parts in “Almost Cheese and Crackers” to his part in “Skatemore.” Daewon Song is always a pure joy to watch.

Source by Geoff Wheeler