Men have different preferences when it comes to women. In fact, they can be very specific with their “criteria” of what makes a woman desirable. But who can really blame them? Maybe that’s just the way the male psyche is designed and maybe that’s the way it will always be.

It is a fact that preferences, like taste, differ from one person to another, especially with men. Some men prefer women who wear pumps or really high heels and some prefer women who wear flat shoes or flip flops. Some men are attracted to women who are curvy and some prefer skinny. Others prefer women who wear make up while others prefer women who are plain and simple. Men have many preferences about women, and usually, these preferences vary from one man to another.

The number of girl gamers have grown sporadically these days. In fact, some girl gamers play better compared to men gamers. You will just get surprised when you see a really gorgeous girl playing an online game, and becoming just one of the boys. Ask guys who are into online gaming and they’ll have one thing in common regarding girls: they find girl gamers hot! They would even tell you that a girl with a passion for online games definitely makes her even more attractive.

Whatever it is that makes men go crazy over women who dig online games, anyone can easily relate this fact to the reality that anyone can hardly see any girl gamers around. Maybe because they have a secret life or something. It is human nature to become fascinated with taboos. And right now, people, specifically men, find it a taboo when girls play online games, not knowing that they’re about to be outnumbered.

Source by Kim Poole